tisdag 3 november 2009

Jag är på internetdagarna...

Träffar massor med skojiga och trevliga personer... därför lite låg aktivitet här. Bara så att ni vet.

3 kommentarer:

Mollemand sa...

Is Gunnar Hökmark still your favorite MEP?

Even after he revealed that he believes in elititarian rule? (It is NOT technocracy, because it is not based upon scientific facts, it is rather the opposite)

Do you also side with the anti-democratic Lisbon abomination?

Where do you side mrs X?

Mary sa...

Mollemand: Jag har inte kollat Hökmarks inlägg i debatten på länge och lyssnade int ehelelr på honom på internetdagarna. Ska göra det och får väl ta en diskussion med honom om det hela. Vad det nu är värt.

Lissabonfördraget är jag med på. Man kan se det på olika sätt. Piratpartiet fick ju tack vare detta in ännu en parlamentariker vilket i sig säger att internetfrågorna har betydelse.

Mollemand sa...

I am interested in knowing how you can be siding on Lisbon, knowing that it has no public majority foundation?

How come you think it is better for Sweden to have a overruling and non-parliamentary constitution, that will void the swedish constitution? How come you think that the 2/3 majority majority PUBLIC vote to change the swedish constitution does not apply here?

Where is the constitutional foundation in that?

What on earth makes you think that EU is going to be an appropriate administration for our countries, when it was both corrupt and inapt as a farm subsidiary committee?

What is your opinion on the Ministers Council, in a democratic process?

Does EU need a EU-military? A secret police? Who should govern them? The council? Are we all clear that they are all in place, and just waiting for the Lisbon to be signed?

I believe that we are better off slowing down, and let EU develop as a union of states over the next 20 year, supported by the peoples majority. The rush job we are seeing now is a mockery of democracy.

Where do you stand in such issues Mrs X?